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By using or continuing to use the services of CondoRentHelp.com, you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

You are responsible for conducting your own investigation regarding any and all claims made by prospective renters or vacation property owners or agents.

You assume all liability for use of any information you find on any CondoRentHelp.com web page or associated material. CondoRentHelp.com assumes no responsibility and in no way warrants the accuracy of the information contained in any of the pages published here. None of the information contained in any associated web page is confirmed or warranted by any party. Confirmation of information published herein is the sole responsibility of the renting party. We do not investigate the legitimacy of any advertiser/lister. It is recommended that renters ask for and receive a written notice of the Refund/Cancellation policy from the advertiser and for added protection, since each property sets it's own Refund/Cancellation Policies. 

Qualification of all renters is the sole responsibility of the property owner or agent. Beware of the possibility of internet scams including, but not limited to, requests for refunds of overpayments.

CondoRentHelp.com is not responsible for the refund of rental fees for any reason.


Advertisers are expected to follow acceptable content pratices. Ads which do not adhere to these pratices are subject to cancellation at the sole discretion of CondoRentHelp.com and/or limitation of update processing. These policies are established in order to preserve a fair and orderly site for the advertisement of vacation rental properties AND in order to maintain a "family safe" environment.  These policies are subject to periodic review and may be updated at any time. All content of the ad pages and any linked to web site or web pages must be "family safe" and "G" rated. Ads and links may not contain vulgarity, or comments related to violence, hate, or references of a sexual nature or gambling, alcohol, tobacco and like products. Such references are not considered acceptable content and may be removed WITHOUT NOTICE. In the case of disputed content, CondoRentHelp.com will be the final judge as to the appropriateness of the content.


Rental inquires may be delivered via Internet email and are not to be considered private. Internet e-mail delivery is not 100% reliable and CondoRentHelp.com cannot be held responsible for undelivered inquiries or for missed income as a result of undelivered inquiries. CondoRentHelp.com, at its own discretion, may supply to potential renters the direct e-mail address of advertisers or may filter, read and redirect e-mail.

Note: Inquiries come as emails with the 'from' being the requesting party's email address. Advertisers should be sure their email spam control does not restrict them from receiving these emails/inquiries.

It is the goal to reduce the volume of SPAM delivered via the Email form. To that end, inquiries may be monitored and filtered prior or following delivery. Inquiries may be read by CondoRentHelp.com staff.


CondoRentHelp.com reserves the right to reject or edit any ad submitted at our sole discretion. Once material has been submitted, edited and posted on the CondoRentHelp.com web site, it becomes the property of CondoRentHelp.com and its affiliated sites and may not be copied from the web site without written permission.


Payments are accepted through PayPal or check. If payment is not receive by due date, CondoRentHelp may cancel, without notice, the listing. If the property owner wishes to cancel the listing within the time period already paid for no refund will be provided. If a property is sold and the transfer of the listing is desired, the property number and password should be provided to the new property owner. No refund of payment is made.


If CondoRentHelp.com is unable to provide the promised level of service for any reason, including, but not limited to service outages, war, acts of God or negligence, neither CondoRentHelp.com or its owners can be held liable for any costs beyond the prorated costs paid by the client for the services which were not provided. CondoRentHelp.com does not guarantee that the CondoRentHelp.com web site will be available 100% of the time.
Listings are for static/unchanging information. Availability information should be maintained on a internet calendar system, which can be linked from the listing and maintained by the property owner. CondoRentHelp.com has the right to limit the number of updates allowed. New listings and updates to existing listings are normally completed online by the property owner. However, no guarantees are made directly or indirectly.


CondoRentHelp.com reserves the right to cancel (without refund) any member that mentions CondoRentHelp.com or any of it's associated websites, URLs, or any associated CondoRentHelp.com email address in any SPAM e-mail message. CondoRentHelp.com is the sole judge in determining what constitutes SPAM.

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